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Dirt and Branches, LLC is a company that specialized in buying, selling, wholesale, land throughout America. We help anyone that is thinking of selling their vacant land throughout The U.S. by providing them with a solution that they wouldn’t initially have considered. We have the expertise, skills, and resources to turn your situation and provide quick answers to get out and move on with your life.



We Work with Finding a Solution

Everyone has a reason to sell. It’s essential that you know you’re why so when the moment comes, you are prepared to make the leap.

Make sure that you have your reasons to sell and sometimes you may not have a purpose and just want to move on to something better. Make a note of all your ideas, and if there is a more significant enough reason, then it could be the right time to sell quickly.

We Work Within Your Timeframe

Buying cash serves your needs because the buying process is usually under 30 days or so since we purchase with cash. If you still don’t have a time frame or haven’t found a place, we can work around by closing on the date that you choose.

We Are Always Learning!

It’s always helpful that we not just land quickly for cash but learn as to the reason WHY someone is selling. Understanding this why, and listening to the stories sellers bring forth is sometimes more beneficial to our souls than the whole buying for cash process.

Ultimately, we aren’t’ just investors looking to buy vacant land, we are at times therapeutic to listening to someone whom probably is going through rough times. At times, we may be the ones going through rough times and having someone to express those feeling to is by far the best experience in this industry we call vacant land buyers.

Cash for Land

We are a local investment company that specializes in buying Land all over. We can buy your Land in As-Is condition and will pay cash. Our process is always quick and hassle-free!

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